Full-Time Sous Chef

§  Ensure budgeted food percentages are achieved through effective control measures including portion controls, kitchen timing, food inventory rotation measures, receiving and food storage procedures, inventory controls, effective purchasing procedures, kitchen security procedures and waste control. 

§  Maintain Labor Cost Percentages at budgeted levels.

§  Ensure purchasing and preparation meet standards.

§  Supervise set up, preparation and breakdown activities, as required by supervisor.

§  Coordinate equipment storage.

§  Assist Executive Sous Chef in training and development of kitchen staff skills and ongoing training of current and new staff.

§  Maintain a positive and compliant employee relations climate.

§  Ensure compliance to health and sanitation and safety regulations.

§  Assist with recordkeeping and administration requirements to include work schedules and production lists.

§  Promote teamwork among staff through effective communication, follow through and goal setting.

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