September 18, 2021

ThriVe Nation Guardians of Life 2021 Annual Dinner Experience

6:00 PM

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Featured Keynote Pastor Nicole Crank - Global influencer, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, preacher, and pastor of Faith Church, said "YES" TO LIFE at 17 and unleashed an epic destiny!!! Her story of ThriVe-ing, healing, and brave teenage motherhood is inspiring OVERCOMERS around the globe! CAN'T MISS!

Featured Speaker Aaron Leu - Aaron Leu entered the ThriVe family when he married former Patient & "Superstar" Tricia Leu and adopted her son, Nehemiah, as his own. Aaron is a cutting-edge visionary business man, artist, husband, and father. His unparalleled faith and radical dependence upon God require that we fasten our seat belts as he boldly challenges us to go to the next level.

Keynote Bridget VanMeans - ThriVe Nation's beloved President and Vision Leader, and catalyst of the Missouri Miracle, pioneered The Quest for "an abortion free Missouri" and led the charge, hitting the target with many other passionate State Leaders in October 2019. She has led ThriVe Nation to the very tip of the life-affirming spear, with a clear mandate to expand Missouri's victory to the nation. Stunning innovations, a breathtakingly bold vision and a unique ability to deliver results mark her leadership. She promises an important "NOW" message spiked with honor and power! @thrivealivestl

Patient Ambassador Kanay ThriVe 2021 - Parent University Graduate, Kanay, has accomplished and OVERCOME the impossible since she first came to ThriVe. You won't want to miss her captivating and inspiring story!