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What makes us unique - Operations

August 1, 2018

            Many convention center’s hire 3rd party vendors for several aspects of a clients event. This makes for a high price and low convenience process. At the St. Charles Convention Center, we offer in-house audio-visual, food and beverage, decorating, house keeping and security.

            By offering these services in-house, the St. Charles Convention Center can do more than just make life easier for clients.


Creating More Job Opportunities

            By offering services in-house, the St. Charles Convention Center is able to add more members to their team. Listed as one of the Top Workplaces of 2017, the convention center’s fun environment and helpful staff members provide a great place to work.


Work smarter, not harder

          We get the job done quickly and easily! All of our staff members are on-site during events in order to cater to the needs of the client. If an event has a need, we always have the right staff here to fulfill it! Having all of these resources in the same building makes for an efficient team. “[With all of these services offered on site] It is neat to watch how quickly we can go from one set to another.” – Luke Taylor, Operations Manager


Make Connections

            Our list of staff members generally remains consitent year after year. It is great for the building and the clients! Clients are able to return yearly to the convention center and see familiar faces. Many of our clients are on a name-to-name basis with some of the employees they work with every year.


At the St. Charles Convention Center, “Your experience is our promise,” and our operations team always lives up to that standard.



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